Project: Office for National Statistics local data website

The ONS produce a lot of data at sub-national level, which is available across a multitude of websites. The brief was to identify users of this data, understand their needs and design concepts of how users might access this data via the ONS website in the future.

  • Services

    Interaction design
    Usability testing

  • Tools and tech


  • Website

User Research

The first step was to identify the users. I began by reviewing what the ONS already knew through previous research and analytics and developed a research plan for expanding upon this. Over a month I interviewed and surveyed around 300 users, held workshops with internal stakeholders and created Trello boards with detailed and epic user stories. I even conducted usability testing with existing tools and services to understand why these were not meeting user needs.

With user stories created, I produced a number of wireframes and prototypes and tested with users at various stages.

Wireframes and Prototypes



The discovery helped inform the scope of the task in hand. It proved the user need for the service, but highlighted that this was far greater than imagined. The research provides a solid starting point for the project team and I got to meet a lot of very interesting and helpful users along the way.